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Navigating the Challenges: Simplicity 9157

In the world of sewing, we all come across patterns that don't quite live up to our expectations. Today, I want to share my experience with the sewing pattern Simplicity 9157. Although it promised to be a delightful project, I encountered some unexpected obstacles along the way. Join me as we explore the ups and downs of working with this pattern and discover valuable insights for your own sewing adventures.

Unravelling the Pattern: From the moment I laid eyes on Simplicity 9157, something felt off. It's as if there was a disturbance in the water, an unsettling feeling that things may not go as smoothly as anticipated. And indeed, my suspicions were confirmed right from the start.

The Collar Conundrum: The first issue I encountered was with the collar instructions. There seemed to be a series of mistakes that led to confusion and frustration. It required careful analysis and improvisation to make sense of the collar construction process.

Misaligned Notches: Adding to the perplexity, the pattern's notches and points didn't align as expected. This misalignment created additional challenges when joining pattern pieces and affected the overall fit and finish of the garment.

The Importance of Tracing: In the face of these difficulties, I found solace in my long-standing practice of tracing patterns rather than cutting them into the original tissue. This allowed me to preserve the integrity of the pattern pieces and provided a reference point should I need to revisit any details.

A Toile's Revelation: Recognizing the potential pitfalls of Simplicity 9157, I decided to create a toile as a precautionary measure. And boy, am I glad I did! The toile revealed significant issues, particularly with the collar and facings. These elements didn't align properly with the shoulder seams, leading to an unsatisfactory fit. This experience highlighted the importance of making a toile to address potential pattern discrepancies before diving into the final garment.

Addressing Dissatisfaction: It's disheartening when a pattern falls short of expectations. With the mistakes and frustrations encountered throughout the sewing process, I couldn't help but feel that this pattern should have been recalled or revised to prevent others from experiencing similar challenges.

To Try Again or Not: Considering the setbacks, I find myself at a crossroads. Should I attempt to conquer Simplicity 9157 once more, armed with the knowledge gained from my initial encounter? Or would it be wiser to part ways with this pattern and pass it on to someone else who may find success with it?

Seeking Community Insight: To those who have embarked on their own sewing journey with Simplicity 9157, I would love to hear about your experiences. Have you encountered similar issues, or did your project come together seamlessly? Sharing our experiences can provide valuable insights and support within the sewing community.

In the realm of sewing, not every pattern is a winner. Simplicity 9157 has presented its fair share of challenges, from incorrect instructions to misaligned notches. Despite the frustrations, this experience serves as a reminder to remain resilient and adaptable in our sewing endeavours. Let's continue to explore and experiment, learning from both the successes and the stumbling blocks we encounter along the way.


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I used this pattern just last week to make a shirt for a friend. I don’t care for it either although for different reasons. My main complaint is that the sizing is off and it’s too boxy. I made size 38 and the finished garment size was 46”!

I didn’t have the collar issue that you encountered because I automatically adjust the neck and collar of all commercial patterns and don’t bother with the instructions. In thiy case I trimmed the seam allowances down to 1/4” to make sewing easier and matched the center back of the collar to the center back of the neck. Then measured the distance from the ends of the collar to the ends of t…

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