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BBQ: Dad

When I set out to create a new pair of shorts for my sewing project, I knew I wanted something classic, reminiscent of my childhood, with that quintessential look and feel. Growing up in the 1980s/90s, I vividly remember the image of the BBQing dad, flipping burgers in the backyard while sporting those iconic shorter denim shorts. Those summer nights filled with the aroma of grilled goodness and a cold drink in hand – now, at my age, I find myself becoming that very dad. As Grandpa Simpson would say, "It was the style of the time."

For this project, I was certain about one thing - a smaller inseam was the way to go. The shorts needed that perfect balance of nostalgia and modern style. Settling on an inseam of 4 inches, I was ready to bring this vintage-inspired piece to life.

To create these special shorts, I used the Minerva Core Range Stretch Woven Yarn Dyed Stripe Denim Fabric from My quest for striped denim led me to this fantastic find, and once I laid eyes on it, I knew it was meant to be part of my sewing journey. The beautiful striped pattern gave the shorts a unique flair, adding to their charm and personality.

To bring my vision to reality, I opted for the Thread Theory "Quadra Jean" Pattern. This pattern has quickly become my go-to choice for pants, as it offers versatility and a great fit. However, as with most jeans/trousers/pant patterns, I needed to make some adjustments to the seat area. Let's face it; we all have our unique shapes and sizes, and I certainly have a bit more in the back.

With my adjustments complete and the fabric meticulously cut, I started sewing, cherishing every moment of the process. As I worked, memories of those summer nights with my family flooded my mind, and I couldn't help but smile. This project was more than just sewing; it was a journey back in time, capturing the essence of my past and infusing it into a tangible creation.

As the final stitches came together, I held the finished shorts in my hands, feeling a deep sense of pride and nostalgia. They embodied the spirit of those classic BBQing dads from my childhood while embracing the modern style of today.

With this new addition to my wardrobe, I'm ready to make memories with my family, continuing the tradition of summer BBQs and laughter. These shorts are not just a garment; they are a symbol of cherished moments and the love I put into my sewing.

Here's to BBQs, summer nights, and creating timeless pieces that hold a piece of our hearts.

Happy sewing!


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